jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Pregunta para discutir

Hace unos dias un colega brasileño me pregunto:

I have read some of your papers that use DesktopGarp and Maxent to identify potential distributions of species, and to entry this records to make a grid to perform PAE. What are the ranges in the Maxent scale that you use to delimit distributions? I am studding this program to perform PAE and to identify areas of endemism like you are doing. I will be very happy with you advice!

So, I would like to ask you what are the ranges that you use to make your grid? Also, the Maxent has few layers when compared with the bioclimatic parameters from BIOCLIM. Could you also help me to know how can I get some bioclimatic layers to work with the Maxent?

Que contestarian ustedes?